21st Century Particle Physics: discussions on Science and Faith

Main Cathedral 08th February 2022 07:30 PM
Lectures & Debates

Particle physicists working on CERN’s next large particle collider and theologians in a panel discussion on Science and Faith.

Particle physicists working on CERN’s next large particle collider - the Future Circular Collider, and theologians will discuss the common ground between particle physics, philosophy, and religion.

During the week starting the 7th of February, hundreds of scientists will gather for a workshop to discuss the next large collider project at CERN, the Future Circular Collider (FCC). Spurred on by the workshop, this public outreach event brings together particle physicists and theologians to discuss the role of particle physics and religion.

This event is open to all people and is not restricted to any particular faith.

Panel members include:

  • Fr. Andrew Pinsent, Research Director at the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion, University of Oxford
  • Professor John Ellis, CERN and KCL
  • Prof Elaine Howard Ecklund, Director of the Religion and Public Life Program in Rice's Social Sciences Research Institute
  • Revd Canon Dr Mike Kirby, University of Liverpool and Liverpool Cathedral Canon Scientist
  • Dr Nikos Rompotis, University of Liverpool
  • Dr Kate Shaw, University of Sussex

The discussion will be moderated by acclaimed science writer, Dr Michael Brooks.

The is a live in-person event at Liverpool Cathedral. Professors Elaine Howard Ecklund and John Ellis will connect via a remote video link, with the remaining panel members and moderator will be in the cathedral.

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