EuroFestival - War Exposed: Curating Contemporary Art the Ukrainian Way

Main Space 02nd May 2023

18:00 PM


Lizaveta German discusses new approaches of exhibition-making performed by artists and curators in Ukraine.

Doors: 18:00 with an opportunity to view the exhibition 'Izyum to Liverpool' by artist Katya Buchatska.

Talk: 18:45

Lizaveta German will zoom in on the present day and talk about the long-lasting tradition of self-organisation in (art) communities in a number of Ukrainian cities.

The virtuosity of working beyond any institutional framework was mastered during The Revolution of Dignity in 2013—14. It has culminated in a true cultural resistance frontier held by numerous horizontal initiatives in Ukraine during the recent month of the full-scale Russian invasion.

Lizaveta will speak about several recent exhibitions and initiatives, including her own experience of producing new projects in exile, as well as of different ways to support Ukrainian artists in this time of war.

Curating comes from the Latin curare, which means to care. Ukraine in 2023 seems like the right place and time for restoring the true meaning of this word.

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Lizaveta German, PhD, Curator and art historian. Co-founder of The Naked Room, Kyiv. Co-curator of the Ukrainian Pavilion, 59th La Biennale di Venezia.

Lizaveta received her MA degree in Art History at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv. In 2016, she received a PhD degree in Art History there. In 2016 she was placed as a curator-in-residence at Liverpool Biennial, supported by British Council Ukraine. In 2015, together with Olha Balashova she published a book The Art of Ukrainian Sixties (republished in English in 2021). And in 2017 they co-edited Decommunised: Ukrainian Soviet Mosaics book. In 2022 she presented the National Pavilion of Ukraine at Harvard, supported by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Community Renewal Fund, the Davis Center for Eurasian Studies, the Harvard Art Museums, and the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute.

Since 2014, Lizaveta has been working with Maria Lanko as a curatorial collective. The duo organised more than 30 exhibitions in Ukraine, including National Art Museum of Ukraine, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Goethe-Institut, British Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ukrainian Institute. In 2015, they opened a show in Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe, as a part of Kyiv Biennial–School of Kyiv project. In 2017 Maria and Lizaveta co-curated (together with Kateryna Filyuk) Festival of Young Ukrainian Art at Mystetskyi Arsenal, the first all-Ukrainian biennial for contemporary art. Since 2020, Maria and Lizaveta have been teaching at Skvot.IO on-line school, System of Contemporary Art course. In 2021 their project with the artist Pavlo Makov (co-curated by Borys Filonenko), Fountain of Exhaustion. Acqua Alta was chosen to represent Ukraine at 59th La Biennale di Venezia. Beside the national pavilion, in 2022 Lizaveta co-curated Piazza Ucraina project and Decolonising Art. Beyond the Obvious interdisciplinary programme as part of International Art Exhibition.