Jesus’ Hands – and Ours

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Presentation Chapel 23rd August 2022 01:00 PM
Bible Study

Join us for the Jesus’ Hands – and Ours course

The sessions in this course are designed to help us see love in action through the hands of Jesus, in a way that is both understandable and accessible to all of us. We hope to be encouraged to imitate Jesus’ loving actions in our own daily lives.

This will be our first in-person course since Covid interrupted us in Lent 2020! 

The six sessions will be in the Presentation Chapel (2nd floor  - accessed via the stairwell near the toilets and shop)

Between 1-2 pm on Tuesday lunchtimes.

Feel free to bring your packed lunch to eat at the same time. Or combine it with attending the 12.05 pm Communion, and/or lunch in the Welsford Bistro before or after our gatherings.



19                1                  Hands that Create (Matt. 11:25-12:8 & John 6:5-13)

26                2                  Hands that Care    (Matt. 9:13-15)                         



2                  3                  Hands that Heal     (John 9:1-7)           

9                  4                  Serving Hands        (John 13:1-17)

16                5                  Crucified Hands     (Matt. 27:32-34)                       

23                6                  Hands that Bless    (Luke 24:13-32)