Outside Tour + Refreshments

28th December 2023

11:00 AM


Join us on Thursday 28 December and Thursday 4 Jan for a special outside tour from our head guide, Brian. 

You will hear the stories of how Liverpool Cathedral came to be located on St James Mount, how the architect was chosen, and where our stone came from.

On this tour, you will also find the many hidden creatures, symbols and seagoing vessels hidden in the intricate carvings, and learn more about the folk who built this architectural wonder over 74 years.

Warm up in The Welsford Bistro afterwards, with an option of coffee and cake or soup and scouse.
Tour £10 per person. Plus coffee and cake £15. Plus soup or scouse £20.


Tours start at 11am.  

To book your place by contacting Brian Dowling.

Email: brian.dowling@liverpoolcathedral.org.uk