Reflection: Being Human

War Memorial Transept 02nd August 2022 10:00 AM

Join us for Reflection, a part of Peter Walker's Being Human exhibition

Being Human, a new exhibition from renowned artist and Sculptor Peter Walker, will be at Liverpool Cathedral between 27 July – 30th August 2022.

Alongside Reflection located in the Memorial Chapel, you’ll be able to view, Connection, Identity, and Creativity.


Memories and moments of reflection are core parts of being human. In recent years, many of us who have experienced great loss and disconnect from our fellow humans have found new hope and connection with nature.

The installation's 'reflection' section is made up of over 5,000 metal leaves, each engraved with the word ‘hope’. The leaves within the artwork transition in colour from silver to autumn brown.
The leaves provide a remembrance area for Liverpool to reflect upon covid pandemic and while providing space for you to contemplate your feelings and memories of loved ones.

You may wish to become a part of the artwork by writing a message on a paper leaf. If you’d like to take this reflection away with you, individual leaves are available to purchase through the Cathedral shop.

To find out more about the complete exhibition, click here.