The Boat of Hope

The Well 27th May 2023

10:00 AM - 18:00 PM


Join us to see Bernie Hollywood's 'Boat of Hope' from 27 May - 4 June 2023.


What is the meaning behind 'The Boat of Hope' installation?

The Boat of Hope is a mental health campaign that focuses on a subject close to Bernie's heart, the continuing rise in child suicide and depression within the UK and across the globe.

The campaign reached out nationally to over 6,500 High Schools, asking what ‘hope’ meant to them. Pupils produced artwork reflecting their thoughts around the theme and renowned artist Justin Eagleton transformed the artwork into a beautiful 42ft mural, which you can see displayed on Bernie's boat.  

While Bernie was away at sea, his Boat of Hope ambassador Natalie Reeves Billing and her social enterprise, Split Perspectivz CIC, was busy creating 5000 child mental health boxes full of books and resources for primary school children across the Liverpool City Region. Inside was a competition which asked for the children's vision of hope in words and art. The result of that competition can be seen in the beautiful collages and individual pieces of work displayed in The Well. The installation will also be accompanied by a soundscape, composed by the talented Gateacre School Liverpool.

While you are here, why not write your message of hope and place it inside one of the bottles provided?