Exploring the Sunday Gospel - Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity


Explore this week's Sunday Gospel reading with Canon Leslie Francis.

Explore this week's Sunday Gospel 

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Blog for Sunday 25 September

Today is the Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity, when the reading from Luke’s Gospel brings  Jesus closer to Jerusalem and to the crucifixion. Today’s passage is a parable which contrasts the experiences of the poor man (named in the story as Lazarus) and the rich man (known in tradition as Dives).  Lazarus longed to satisfy his hunger with what fell from the rich man’s table.  The parable ends by painting a graphic picture of the consequences of ignoring the needs of others.


For those of you who wanted to do some thinking and preparation for today’s service during the preceding week, I invited reflection on the image of food banks. In today’s picture from their book, Exploring Sikhism, Rees and Sara are taken by their friends Sanjit and Yasmin to the enormous kitchen in the gurdwara. Everyone is busy preparing food to welcome hungry guests.


Lord Jesus Christ,

you uphold the cause of the poor.

Strengthen your people today,

that we may respond to inequalities around us

and stand alongside the poor and disadvantaged;

to your praise and glory.



Next week is the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity, when in the reading from Luke’s Gospel Jesus instructs his followers in the way of discipleship. The image to help us prepare for next week’s theme is journeys. You can find out more about that theme here https://www.prayerforliverpool.org/prayer-resources.html. We would really appreciate you letting us know how you are using these materials.


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