Following the completion of the Cathedral in 1978, the Chapter was anxious to gather together Patrons who valued our magnificent Willis Organ and would support our recitals and musical events. In order to sustain our great musical tradition, we need your help.

The Organ has been in use since the Consecration in 1924 and is used in all main services in the Cathedral as well as special occasions like concerts, recitals and in many other diverse major events.

Between 1958 and 1960 it was completely overhauled and modernised, including the provision of a new all-electric action and a humidifying system. A further major programme of restoration took place during 1977 and 1978, dealing with widespread deterioration of the mechanism, pipe-work metal fatigue, rewiring, (using hundreds of miles of special cable) and a new wind system. The cost of this latter restoration was almost £100,000 and at today’s prices similar work would be in the region of £750,000.

Since 1980 the Organ has been in the very capable hands of David Wells Organ Builders, Liverpool and requires regular attention to keep it in good order. As large an instrument such as this, with over 10,000 pipes, needs a further £20,000 a year to cover tuning and ongoing maintenance. These costs cannot be met from present funds.