Frequently Asked Questions about the People's Path


What has changed because of coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Due to major distributions, we are currently anticipating bricks will next be laid in September 2020. We will be pleased to offer you a time of prayer over your brick with a member of our clergy from this date. We are anticipating that the People’s Path dedication service will next be held in early 2021 as we are uncertain as to what services will look like in the Cathedral until the end of the year.


What is the People’s Path?

The People’s Path is a pathway of personalised engraved bricks stretching outside the Cathedral down the Queen’s Walk side of the building.


Can I choose the location for my brick?

You can specify whether you want your brick to be by the Lady Chapel, outside the Sir Giles Gilbert Scott Suite or outside the main West Gate, but the specific location of your brick cannot be chosen. The bricks will be installed on a first come - first installed basis.


Can I scatter ashes of a loved one under my brick?

No, sorry - the Cathedral is not able to facilitate the scattering of ashes.


How long will my brick last?

The bricks will last indefinitely and we guarantee they will stay in location until at least 2029, although we have every reason to believe they will be there for decades to come. Please see our full terms and conditions for more details.


I have purchased a brick - when will it be installed?

Bricks will be installed at three times during the year. You will be given an estimated instalment date by email when you have ordered and confirmed the inscription of your brick. When your brick is in place, we will contact you to let you know. You will also receive an invitation to an annual People’s Path Service, held in the Cathedral.


I have placed an order but want to change my inscription – can I do this?

We will accept amendments to the inscription that you have requested at the point of purchase. If you need to change your brick inscription you'll need to contact us within 14 days by  

T: 0151 7027250 or email us at  

After that we cannot accept a cancellation, return or make any changes.


Can I put anything on my brick?

You can personalise your brick with two lines of text, using letters, numbers and punctuation up to a maximum of 16 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation. Inscriptions may not contain offensive or derogatory messages or any commercial or promotional messages. All messages will be screened and any non-compliant messages will be withdrawn and you will be contacted to propose an alternative message.  


Have a different query? Please contact us on 0151 702 7250 or