Frequently Asked Questions about the People's Path

Am I able to purchase a brick for the Lady Chapel path?
The Lady Chapel Path was completed in time for the tenth anniversary of The People's Path, so no future bricks purchased can be laid here.


What colour is my brick’s inscription?
All bricks feature a gold-coloured inscription.

Can I order a brick in September if the next laying isn’t until March?
Yes, we take orders all year round.

Why are the bricks laid in September and March?
They have been chosen these times to ensure that, where possible, every customer will be able to see their brick at our March and September People's Path services, and through graduation season.

Is there a limit to the length of my inscription?
You have 2 lines with up to 16 characters on each including spaces. It is your choice whether to use all 32 characters available to you.

Do I get my physical brick at any point?
No, all bricks are placed in the path and that is where they will stay.

I didn’t get an invite to the service, how do I get one?
We are only able to contact those we have up-to-date contact details and preferences for. If you find you have not received an invite, but would like to, you can complete the following form, here.

Can I request my bricks to be moved?
Unfortunately, we are not able to do this. You can request that bricks you purchased at the same time stay together but we will not move bricks previously bought to align with new ones. This is because the People’s Path is designed to be a representation of the passage of time within the life of the cathedral.

Can I order multiple bricks?
Yes. Some people buy multiple bricks in order to extend the message out whilst others buy multiple bricks because they would like different inscriptions and dedications for different people and events.


How long is the path going to be there for?
We guarantee that your brick will remain in the path for 10 years. After 10 years, we will keep them for as long as they remain in good condition.

Can I buy one as a gift?
Yes, many of our bricks are bought by friends or family as presents to recognise milestones like significant birthdays or achievements.

Can I pay in cash?
Yes, although payment via card is preferable.


Is there a paper form?
There is a paper form available at the Welcome Desk/leaflet stand. This form can also be accessed online, here.

Do you know where my brick is?

Yes, throughout the week our team will be onsite and can direct you to your brick. Please get in touch with us via so we can ensure we are available to direct you during your visit.


I'm not happy with the condition of my brick - what can be done?

If your brick is less than 10 years old, please contact us on the details below and we will redo your brick free of charge.

If your brick has been in the path for more than 10 years and its inscription has faded, there is the option to renew your brick for another 10 years. This costs £15 and can be done by completing the below form. Your brick will be re-laid in line with the routine March, July and September layings throughout the year.

Click here for our brick renewal form

Have a different query? Please contact us on 0151 702 7250 or