Find out more about our Prayer services and what you can expect.

What happens at a morning / said evening Prayer service?
Every morning and evening the Cathedral holds a time of prayer, in common with Christians across the world, giving thanks to God for the day to come, and the day that is past, and reading passages of the Bible that help us focus on who God is, revealed in Christ. The service of Evensong is a sung version of Evening Prayer, and one of the most distinctive and beautiful parts of the Cathedral’s worship, the choir singing psalms, the ancient hymns of Israel, and the songs sung by some of the characters involved in the life of Christ, most notably his mother, Mary.

Why is prayer important?
To pray is to turn to God, who is the most important reality and person we can know. Prayer is communication with God, being with God, it can involve asking God for the things we need, and just being still and filled with wonder, or in times of sadness, sitting with the One who loves us more than we can comprehend.

Prayer for healing
Every day we pray for healing, for those who are sick, and for the world in its brokenness. We never know how God will answer our prayers, but we trust that they are heard and precious in God’s sight.

Prayer for strength
God is described in the Bible as our rock, a strong tower, our place of refuge, and our defense. Perhaps the shortest prayer in the Bible was St Peter’s as he was drowning, ‘Lord, save me!’ Through Christ God is with us, and has promised that not even death can separate us from his love.