Choral Evensong

Presbytery 04th November 2021 05:30 PM
Choral Evensong

All are welcome. Our service is led by the clergy and Cathedral Choir. This gives you the opportunity to listen to some beautifully sung choral music; relax at the eve of the day; pray to God and reflect what your needs are at this time.


Noble in Am

Ps 40

Walsh Responses

Let me know thine end Greene 

At the Cathedral there are three books containing the names of those who died in the service of The King's Regiment in each of the two world wars and in post war conflicts particularly in Korea, Northern Ireland, Iraq & Afghanistan.
These books are permanently open for visitors to the Cathedral to see. Four times each year as part of the Evensong Service the pages or leaves of each book are turned. The Regiment is represented by the Liverpool Branch of the King's Regiment Association
The service starts at 5.30pm and is always held on a Thursday. Once the service is over at about 6pm those attending usually inspect the three books before leaving the cathedral. Everyone is welcome to attend.