Evening Prayer with King's Regiment for Turning of the Leaves

Presbytery / War Memorial 23rd November 2023 05:30 PM
Evening Prayer with King's Regiment for Turning of the Leaves

This service is held quarterly and has been taking place for more than 20 years. It is attended by members of The King’s Regiment who represent the Liverpool Branch of the King's Regiment Association. As part of the Service three former Kingsmen are escorted to the Cenotaph, and each turns a page in one of three books.

Liverpool Cathedral has three books containing the names of those soldiers who died in the service of The King's Regiment and the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, in each of the two world wars and in post war conflicts particularly in Korea, Northern Ireland, Iraq & Afghanistan. These books are permanently on display for visitors to the Cathedral to see.

The Roll of Honour for WW1 is on display in the Cenotaph in the Memorial Chapel and is beautifully illuminated. George Scruby, who was a printer and signwriter spent 8 years decorating the pages and writing the names in the book. Visitors regularly write to ask if the name of a relative can be found. The WW1 facsimile books have been digitised which makes it easier to find a reference page before handling the main book.

The WW2 record is kept in the case at the eastern side of the chapel. In a case above is the record of those men who gave their lives in the post war conflicts. In 2019 names of those who died in recent conflicts were added. On some occasions names are read out at the anniversary of those who died in specific conflicts such as Korea or Northern Ireland.

It is very important to Association members and families that the soldiers of the Regiment who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our country will not be forgotten.

The service concludes with prayers for the King’s Regiment and the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment.

Lord Jesus, Wisdom of God, by whom kings reign and princes decree justice, look mercifully on thy servants of the King’s Regiment, and so strengthen us that in hardships and dangers we may fear no evil, for thou art with us, who with the father and the Holy Ghost livest and reignest for ever. Amen

O Lord Jesus Christ, bless we beseech Thee all members of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, and grant that we may so loyally service our Sovereign and our native land that, having fought the good fight and rise dauntless over all the difficulties in this life, we may be known by our deeds to be thy servants, and come at last to Thine everlasting kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

If you would like to search for a name in the Memorial books, please contact me via the Cathedral website enquiry form. Canon Val