2 Cathedrals Service

Main Space 28th May 2023 03:00 PM
2 Cathedrals Service

This year’s service begins in Liverpool Cathedral where the congregations, choirs and clergy of Liverpool’s two cathedrals gather for the start of the service.

Marking the Christian feast of Pentecost and as a sign of ecumenical witness this bi-annual service signifies the close links between the denominations on Merseyside.  Part way during the service all taking part leave the cathedral and walk half a mile along Hope Street to the Metropolitan Cathedral, where the service concludes.

This year marks 41 years since the first Two Cathedrals service, which was held when the late Pope John Paul II came to Liverpool in 1982, visiting Liverpool Cathedral first before driving along Hope Street to the Metropolitan Cathedral.

It is also 56 years since the opening of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral on the feast of Pentecost in 1967.