Choral Eucharist

Main Space 07th August 2022 10:30 AM
Choral Eucharist

All are welcome to this morning service, at which the visiting choir Cambrian Singers will be singing.

The Eucharist is the central act of Christian worship, given by Jesus Christ. The name means ‘Thanksgiving’. We have gathered because Christ has invited us to receive salvation. This is a feast. Christ, the Lamb of God, who gave his life, once for all, is offered for the hungry. His sacrifice is stronger than our sin, and has broken the power of death. Our hearts turn to God, by the Holy Spirit at work within us, lifted in praise to the Father in union with Christ, the Son of God. By grace we are fellow children with him, adopted into the eternal love of God. Through the words of scripture and preacher; the beauty of music and stone; the diverse other people present, and through Christ’s broken bread, the gift of his life for us, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. The liturgy begins as you turn to reflect, reading the scripture for today, and examining your life and the world, in the light of the Gospel.


Missa After nap Christi Munera

Sicut Cervus  Palestrina 

Psalm 33: 12-21

Hymns (all A&M) 440, 732, 683, 593i
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